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Cleaning Bronze & Other Bronze Tips

Any hardware that you select will have its positive attributes and its disadvantages. Before selecting bronze cabinet hardware, or any other hardware choice, it is important to understand these advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Bronze is a copper alloy that is made up of mostly copper with other metals (excluding zinc). It is more corrosion resistant than other hardware materials, making it durable and sturdy. It has a lovely hue with its reddish coloring, and it creates a rich, dramatic look in bronze pulls, bronze knobs and other bronze hardware.

The Disadvantages of Bronze Cabinet Hardware

As with any hardware, bronze hardware also has some disadvantages. It is usually a more expensive hardware choice than are many other hardware options. Bronze includes a high copper percentage which can create a green film if it’s exposed to moist air over long periods. Bronze cabinet hardware is susceptible to something called “bronze disease” which is caused when chlorides and oxygen combine in a damp location. Homeowners will recognize this disease on the bronze cabinet hardware if there are sudden patches of corrosion or light green spots on the hardware.

Cleaning Bronze Hardware

Bronze hardware is certainly a worthwhile investment to create a stunning look in the kitchen or other location. It is important to understand the basic tips for cleaning bronze, however, in order to ensure that your hardware stays beautiful and well cared for. Bronze cabinet hardware should be dusted regularly with a soft cloth and kept as clean as possible. If the bronze pieces are covered in grime, you should remove all dust from the crevices and notches and then prepare to clean the hardware pieces. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of white vinegar. Add enough flour to the mixture to create a paste and apply this paste to the bronze. Let it sit on each piece for 15 minutes to one hour. Rinse this paste with warm water and then polish dry.

Polishing Bronze Hardware

In order to polish your bronze hardware, you can use a copper polish on each piece. Follow this with a glass wax. If you need a high polish for the bronze cabinet hardware, dip a cloth into liquid wax and apply it evenly to each bronze piece. When each bronze hardware piece is dry, buff it lightly to a high gloss.

Combating Bronze Disease

It you find small patches of corrosion on your bronze cabinet hardware, you may be dealing with bronze disease. You may find that you need to soak each bronze hardware piece in distilled water for a week or more to stop the deterioration. If this treatment does not work, bring your bronze cabinet hardware to a professional and have them help you to restore it to its original beauty.

With these tips for cleaning bronze, polishing bronze, and combating bronze disease, you should be able to enjoy your bronze cabinet hardware for years of great use. Bronze is certainly a special choice for hardware, as it creates a unique look in the kitchen and other locations and offers a rich, dramatic look. Keep your bronze hardware looking beautiful and it will give you years of pleasure in your home.

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